August 17, 2019 MDG


Hiding from machines in fashion

SPF is not the only daily protection you need walking around anymore. You need to move with the fashions or be outcast put in a database.

Adversarial prêt-à-porter has arrived. The looks span from heinous utility to some workable pieces.

I maintain that the optimal protective gear will not have any unique visual component that makes you stand out. Hide in plain sight.

Its your obligation to protect your Fourth Amendment rights- since the high court ruled that if you do not – you have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

At the same time in what will be yet another dystopian catch-22 Some of these products may trigger anti-masklaws arguments.

When is a mask not a mask? When it hides more than your face. And that is the argument around facial recognition technology

There big gap between utility (unlocking your phone) like a key and a Swiss army knife that takes everything and makes assumptions with out any presumption of innocence.

Collected against your will and often without your knowledge. Placing you in databases you are not aware of – that feed profiles you can not see.

It’s more than the security, falsely implied – it’s supervision you never needed.

Today this post will establish a list of commercially available anti surveillance wearables

If you know of a company or related products please get in touch to add to this now living document.

As the list grows will start breaking them out into categories.

AH ProjectsHyperFace

Adversarial Fashion

CV Dazzle