February 7, 2021 MDG

This weeks links

Cryptomedia, NFTs, and the Next Internet
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The new reading stack

Same Energy

Google has a VPN service

Spy museum in NYC auctioning off their cold war KGB relics 

FieldKit is Open Environmental Sensing for Everyone

Explainable AI – What Is It And Why Do We Need It?

Agora, the technology provider behind hit audio app Clubhouse, says it does not store user data (trust them on this)

Musicians sing the blues as Covid and Brexit devastate sector

How the United States Lost to Hackers
(ed note excellent example of -imperfect becomes the feature – with glitch art above the fold)
(ed note 2- I warned congress about national infrastructure threats in the late 90s’s its in
congressional record.  Instead the took the dollars to persecute kids vs enemy nation states)

Tom Petty’s It took a long time to get back here   ;  Bruce Springsteen’s  The Middle