February 13, 2021 MDG

The week in links

In no particular order – links from this week

The [Peak] Attention Economy

Optimizely’s Founder Wants to Augment Your Memories

Can Anyone Moderate Podcasts? Apple, Spotify, and the impossible problem of moderating shows

A New Company Pursues Total Recall—Starting With Zoom

Jack/JAY-Z/ @S_C_  are giving 500 BTC to a new endowment named ₿trust to fund 

Thread- Corey Doctorow on Adam Curtis  

NYT looks at The Surprising Ascent of KAWS

Emerging Patchwork or Laboratories of Democracy? Privacy Legislation in Virginia and Other States (Future of Privacy)

New York City’s Surveillance Battle Offers National Lessons

A lack of police transparency highlights how citizens need to remain vigilant to take back control over their privacy.

In the absence of federal privacy legislation, U.S. states are weighing in. In Virginia, the “Consumer Data Protection Act” (“CDPA”) (HB 2307 / SB…

Algorithms by Jeff Erickson  1st edition, June 2019  

There are 124 people in front of you Only one visitor is allowed in the exclusive website

Lack of competition in ad tech affecting publishers, advertisers and consumers

Arkadia Zoom Forever zooming visual

People-Shaped White Rocks

Self-Organising Textures

Silicon Valley’s Safe Space

Understanding the Capabilities, Limitations, and Societal Impact of Large Language Models

Selected Works of David Carr : 15 memorable articles, columns and video clips from Mr. Carr, a prolific media columnist for The New York Times, including his last piece that was published the day before he died.

Inside the Making of Facebook’s Supreme Court

The company has created a board that can overrule even Mark Zuckerberg. Soon, it will decide whether to allow Trump back on Facebook.