August 21, 2022 MDG

Weekend reading

Weekend reading…

How can we develop transformative tools for thought? [pdf]
What are new ways memory systems can be applied, beyond the simple,
declarative knowledge of past systems?

This from 2009 on moving at accelerated paces, Nests under my
‘there are no rules’ mantra:  There’s no speed limit (2009)

Why workers just won’t stop quitting (BBC)

On The Futility of Offering Advice 

NYT Magazine Welcome to the era of the audio meme, how TikTok enables it

Willie Nelson’s Long Encore – “Nelson has been opening his concerts with “Whiskey River.”
No one is certain when he started; – Nelson has sung it at the start of something like 6,500 shows.

FT Weekend on How legal weed is changing New York City’s vibe (and smell)

Architecture of authority – here we have something presented as charging stations
that collect mac ids and prevents the homeless from laying down  NYC Parks