November 17, 2022 MDG

Prompt chaining, trees and playgrounds

The Near Future of AI is Action-Driven Excellent framing of the here and now and what’s next.

Link round up

ML Safety Newsletter

SkyPilot: Run ML and Data Science jobs on any cloud, with massive cost savings. AI-first blogging platform

humanloop has a playground that brings variable interpolation to prompts and lets you turn them into API endpoints

@everyprompt a pretty good playground for large language models like GPT-3.

LangChain 0.0.7: All relevant chains now have a “verbose” option to highlight text according to the model or component (SQL DB, search engine, python REPL, etc) that it’s from. Should be super helpful for understanding/debugging the chain!

Spellbook from Scale_AI AI generated startup pitch decks. (humor?)

dust4ai A collapsible tree UI for representing k-shot example datasets, prompt templates, and prompt chaining with intermediate JS code


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