December 31, 2022 MDG

Closing out the year…

Sunday Jan 1 2023 is Public Domain Day.  Works from 1927 fall into public domain.   Metropolis,  The Unknown (Chaney), The Jazz Singer.

Awful AI is a curated list to track current scary usages of AI

Tim Cook and Japanese PM Kishida Discussed User Privacy and Digital ‘My Number’ IDs.
Top million most popular websites published by Google Cached Chrome Top Million Websites

Long reads

Why Would AI “Aim” To Defeat Humanity?
​​The Alt-Right Manipulated My Comic. Then A.I. Claimed It
Canary tokens  


Some crypto Transaction Details are jaw dropping.
This view of hacker news 
PEN testing will be in the news soon thanks to FlipperZero the zero is for zero-day 🙂
GPT takes the bar exam and passes in Evidence and Torts  A good thread on Stable Diffusion’s progress this last year.

2022 was the year of the prompt for me.  I have moved to terminal as my main interface or with parity with web view and prompts and changing them together has become my main way to retrieve information. 

@JudyWoodruff⁩ ends her time at the ⁦@NewsHour⁩ anchor – thank you.