February 9, 2023 MDG

All Your Base is Ours

Internet trend: The frontend is becoming the backend AI is leading to a transformation of the internet as a whole, turning it into a powerful computational backend for new, robust interfaces.
This is happening fast. The front door has moved from click to text. The full corpus of the internet is being arbitraged. and represented. This is massive UX/UI shift thats being adopted at rate not seen before in such sort order.


The UI has served to drive adoption, the doorway matters. The current W3 experience untenable. The speed to market prior to understanding the implications of what’s being used, how, what that looks like in a compensation model will be likely be the next ten years (sigh)
As we moved physical to digital whole parts were missed the transcoding crossing. The information that did and that has been created since, is now being transcoded once again this time by an AI that will represent it disembodied from source.  The information that did not make the initial crossing getting close to EOL in physical form.   

All that said the digital era of entertainment has unfolded in reverse not dropped down in constraint formats from media companies but have grown up from fertile ground created from bits, rendered and remixed, consumed in new ways for new pleasures and means of storytelling.

Just like music had to understand transcoding to new formats + consumption the whole internets IP is about to follow suit, distributed, disembodied and abstracted from source.’
It turns out one of the foundational memes during Web 1.o “all your base was belong to us” was taken as instructive for web3.0