May 3, 2023 MDG

The Luring Test: AI and the Engineering of Consumer Trust

In “The Luring Test: AI and the Engineering of Consumer Trust”, Michael Atleson, an Attorney at the FTC Division of Advertising Practices, dropped some guidance today. (Bold emphasis FTC 🔥) Last weeks technology sector earnings cycle being powered by talk of AI and ad-targeting might have not been the ideal narrative to start with.

“This includes recent work relating to dark patterns and native advertising. Among other things, it should always be clear that an ad is an ad, and search results or any generative AI output should distinguish clearly between what is organic and what is paid. People should know if an AI product’s response is steering them to a particular website, service provider, or product because of a commercial relationship. And, certainly, people should know if they’re communicating with a real person or a machine.”

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