June 21, 2023 MDG

Privacy preservation tactics using AI services

  • Avoid sharing sensitive personal information on platforms that extensively use generative AI.
  • Use generic identifiers or pseudonyms instead of real personal details when interacting with generative AI models.
  • Report privacy concerns or suspected breaches of private data to the service provider and relevant regulatory authorities.
  • Utilize a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to anonymize user traffic, hiding location and preventing AI tracking.
  • Read and understand the privacy policies of generative AI platforms, ensuring transparency and data protection practices.  Often these are MIA. There is a reason for that.
  • Clear chat history or delete stored conversations to minimize data retention and analysis.  Request a copy first and save it.  Recommend this weekly or daily depending on your usage.
  • Use plug-in’s sparingly as there is no clear understanding of how privacy is preserved across various plug-in provideres
  • Don’t use AI browser extensions that have full access to your internet activity.  Only install what you *must* install.
  • Verify if the generative AI service applies encryption and uses secure connections for data transmission.
  • Prioritize well-known and reputable generative AI platforms with a strong commitment to privacy and data protection.
  • Explore privacy-focused tools and browser extensions that block tracking scripts and enhance online privacy.
  • Maintain strong passwords, regularly update software and applications, and consider using a VPN for enhanced privacy protection.