The week in AI

July 2, 2023
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July 2, 2023 MDG

The week in AI

To say the pace of this sector is moving fast is an understatement :  Links to key advances,  moves and developments.

Microsoft has integrated AI-powered shopping tools into Bing search and Edge, including AI-curated buying guides and AI-powered review summaries.

Salesforce AI Research has released the XGen-7B, an open-source 7B LLM (Large Language Model) trained with 1.5 trillion tokens over an 8K input sequence length.

DreamDiffusion is a groundbreaking technique that generates high-quality images directly from brain EEG signals, bypassing the need to translate thoughts into text.

Microsoft has announced an AI Skills Initiative, offering free coursework in partnership with LinkedIn, a global grant challenge, and increased access to free digital learning events and resources for AI education.

Stability AI has released OpenFlamingo V2, an open-source reproduction of OpenAI’s Flamingo model with over 80% of the original performance.

Unity has introduced two AI-powered tools: Unity Muse, which generates animations and sprites using text and sketches, and Unity Sentis, which embeds an AI model into Unity Runtime for games and applications.

ElevenLabs is launching Voice Library, a platform for sharing AI-generated voices created with their voice design tool.

Merlyn Mind has released three open-source, education-specific LLMs (Large Language Models) aimed at revolutionizing the learning experience.

Amazon’s AWS has launched the Generative AI Innovation Center, a $100 million initiative leveraging AWS machine learning and AI expertise to develop and implement generative AI solutions for businesses.

Zeroscope_v2 XL is an open-source text-to-video AI model that delivers high-quality videos without watermarks.

MotionGPT is a new motion-language model designed for various motion-centric tasks.

Databricks is set to acquire the open-source startup MosaicML for $1.3 billion. MosaicML has released the MPT-30B, an open-source model licensed for commercial use.

According to Indeed’s data, generative AI-related job postings in the US increased by around 20% in May.

The DragGAN algorithm source code has been released, enabling interactive point-based manipulation on the generative image manifold.

Baidu’s ERNIE 3.5, a foundation model, outperforms ChatGPT (3.5) and even GPT-4 in several Chinese language capabilities.

Google is organizing the first-ever Machine Unlearning Challenge on Kaggle.

Adobe is offering to cover claims in lawsuits related to the use of content generated by Adobe Firefly, their generative AI image tool.

Google is launching generative AI coding features exclusively for Pro+ subscribers in the US on Google Colab.