July 9, 2023 MDG

Pan, tilt, generate…

In another lifetime, I edited video on 3/4 inch media on Sony RM-440 editing machines.  If we wanted something like this prompt generates we had to do a table top shoot that had manual physical panning and tilting.  The next step would be the editing – this took hours if not days.   Here we have it in a paragraph of text.

I have a high-resolution panoramic image that I’d like to convert into a video. The video should have a 3:2 aspect ratio and the image should fill the entire video, even if some of the sides are cut off. The video should start at the center of the image, pan smoothly to the right until it reaches the edge, then return to the center. From there, it should pan smoothly to the left until it reaches the other edge, and then return to the center again. The video should be created using the imageio library in Python, saving the frames directly to a video file instead of storing them in a list. The frame step should be 8 pixels. If necessary, the edges of the image can be cropped so that the size of the image is divisible by the frame step. Please find the image attached image.