August 7, 2023 MDG

AI Training data and video conference software

“Just a heads up, Zoom terms now allow training AI on user content with no opt out. (Technically, you can delete your data later, but the training has been done.)

My framing of Zoom has always been: ‘dangerous data collection software posing as a video conferencing service.’

Over the last few years, maintaining any kind of PII operational security has been an intractable problem. Even if you lock down your basic best practices online, it’s only one vector.

My desk has a stack of letters from companies who have been exploited from medical, including biometric data, to financial information – all offering free credit reports. Get your free credit report. Right now, I have enough free credit reporting to last three lifetimes.

The market does not really move forward until users have agency over their own data. AI is blowing through that opportunity moment right now with centralized services and data training and collection vs at the local level, but that’s a long post and another story.

Do not use this service with sensitive information. Business, institutes of higher learning, medical, and therapy, etc. This means you.”