September 12, 2023 MDG

Classification of Moving Visual Media

Classification of Moving Visual Media 
September 2023 Mark Ghuneim  

Why: Our mediascape which was static for decades is now exploding with modalities. 
What: is a survey of moving media types + an attempt at classification. 
How come: This is important because and updated classification framework was needed.
Feedback: RFC (Request For Comments) on the framework

Temporal Media: 
Temporal media encompasses content that evolves over time, providing a dynamic experience.

Mechanical media:
Mechanical media refers to traditional methods of producing and displaying visual content, 
primarily relying on physical mechanisms or electronic devices without advanced computational manipulation.
Film: Traditional cinematic storytelling captured on celluloid, representing the early days of motion pictures.
Video: The electronic successor to film, offering digital recordings for various purposes.
Animation: A convergence of art and technology, presenting moving images through sequential frames.
Stop motion animation: A unique blend of real-world objects and frame-by-frame photography.
Generative media:
Generative media encompasses visual content that is produced or modified using algorithms, often without 
direct human intervention. The term "generative" implies that the content is generated, often in a procedural 
or automatic manner, rather than being directly crafted by hand or traditionally recorded.
Generative video: A marriage between art and algorithms, creating evolving visual spectacles.
Deepfakes/Manipulated media: Offspring of deep learning, enabling face/content replacements in videos.
Synthetic media from prompts: Producing media content from textual or visual instructions.
Interactive Media
This media type hinges on user participation, reacting or evolving based on user actions.
Virtual Reality (VR) Simulated experiences, either mirroring or diverging from reality.
Augmented Reality (AR) Enhanced version of reality, overlaying digital information on the physical world.
Mixed Reality (MR) A hybrid realm where the digital and physical worlds coalesce.
Vector-based media: 
Non-Temporal Media with Potential for Motion - Though potentially static, this media type can be animated or 
made dynamic.
Vector Graphics: Mathematical elegance meets art, creating scalable images.
2D Animation using vector graphics: Bringing vector images to life with motion.