November 15, 2023 MDG

Navigating the Digital Maze: YouTube AI Standards and Practices

Generative AI’s Potential and Responsibility: YouTube acknowledges the creative potential of generative AI but also its responsibility to protect the community. They emphasize that all content, regardless of how it’s generated, is subject to YouTube’s Community Guidelines​​.

Disclosure Requirements and Content Labels: YouTube plans to update its platform to inform viewers about synthetic content. Creators will be required to disclose if their content includes realistic altered or synthetic material, especially if it’s created using AI tools. Labels will be added to content descriptions and video players for sensitive topics​​.

Handling Synthetic Media: Some synthetic media may be removed from YouTube if it violates Community Guidelines, regardless of labeling. This includes content that shows realistic violence with the intent to shock or disgust viewers​​.

New Options for Creators, Viewers, and Artists: YouTube will allow for the removal of AI-generated content that simulates identifiable individuals, considering factors like satire or public figures’ involvement. This also extends to AI-generated music content mimicking an artist’s voice​​.

AI-Powered Content Moderation: YouTube uses a combination of AI classifiers and human reviewers to enforce its Community Guidelines. AI helps identify novel forms of abuse, increasing the speed and accuracy of content moderation​​.

Building Responsibility into AI Tools: YouTube is focused on developing AI tools responsibly, with a focus on building guardrails to prevent generation of inappropriate content and continuously improving protections against bad actors

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