November 17, 2023 MDG

Navigating the Digital Maze: Music Industry, Transforming the future of music creation: Dream Track, Lyria

Google DeepMind, in partnership with YouTube, has announced Lyria, an AI music generation model, and two AI experiments: Dream Track and Music AI tools. Lyria is designed to enhance creativity in music creation, and Dream Track allows creators on YouTube Shorts to generate unique soundtracks using AI-generated voices and styles of various artists. The Music AI tools, developed in collaboration with industry professionals, aid in transforming audio and creating new music.

DeepMind emphasizes responsible technology deployment, introducing SynthID for watermarking AI-generated audio, ensuring content traceability. These efforts are aligned with YouTube’s AI principles, focusing on the beneficial and responsible use of generative music technologies.

Key Points:

  • Introduction of Lyria and AI experiments for music creation.
  • Development of Music AI tools and Dream Track experiment.
  • Use of SynthID watermarking for traceability in AI-generated audio.

Ed note – stunning speed to market, market partnerships, and intern synergy Warners earnings call alluded to not getting caught flat footed this time around.  While there is a massive amount of market forces at play here and around this creation and creative process this is a thought through R&D playground.  Seeing Deep Mind and YouTube work at this depth and the label and artist relations convesations that had to take place this is a modern day marvel

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