January 12, 2024 MDG

Music Streaming 2023 Reports – No Tail, No Royalties

158 million tracks had 1,000 plays or fewer on music streaming services last year. 45 million had no plays at all.

From Entertainment Industry Trend Reports – Luminate Data

This MBW article  notes that Spotify will no longer pay royalties to tracks that have attracted fewer than 1,000 plays on its platform in the prior 12 months.   That means 45.6 million tracks received nada, nothing.   The distribution of attention is not new the bright line delineating the long-tail from the no-tail is.

Included in the Luminate deck is this slide on non music streaming.  —- Be mindful of what you visually and audibly consume

Other industry snapshots.

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This is Music 2023 (UK Music)
This is Music 2023 is the latest iteration of a series of reports that started back in December 2013, with the rather perfunctory named The Economic Contribution of the Core UK Music Industry.