January 15, 2024 MDG

M.E.D. Vol. 30 No. 15

WEF Panel – The Expanding Universe of Generative Models – Speakers: Yann LeCun, Nicholas Thompson, Kai-Fu Lee, Daphne Koller, Andrew Ng, Aidan Gomez

Artificial intelligence (AI) – despite important consequences on job re-organization and potential replacement of some positions – will lead to the emergence of a range of new roles, outlines the newly released Future of Growth Report 2024.

IMF Gen-AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work IMF Staff Discussion Notes (SDNs) showcase policy-related analysis and research being developed by IMF staff members and are published to elicit comments and to encourage debate.

Tether stable coin – the coin  for Casinos, Money Laundering, Underground Banking, and
Transnational Organized Crime in East and Southeast Asia: – A Hidden and Accelerating Threat

Databroker Watch. Tracking and mapping the data broker ecosystem

Artisans bring AI tools to the workbench  (FT) Forward-thinking designers are willing to embrace the technology — without relinquishing human creativity’s central role.

Dreamtalk Given any audio (text or song) and a single image frame, it generates a lip-synced animated video, copying the “expression” of a style reference.

M2UGen: Multi-modal Music Understanding and Generation with the Power of Large Language Models

Photomaker (realistic) and stylized