March 15, 2024 MDG

MED Vol.30, No.75

Automakers Are Sharing Consumers’ Driving Behavior With Insurance Companies  (NYT) LexisNexis, which generates consumer risk profiles for the insurers, knew about every trip G.M. drivers had taken in their cars, including when they sped, braked too hard or accelerated rapidly.  Chicco v. General Motors LLC (9:24-cv-80281)

If you “buy” a digital movie on Amazon, but Amazon removes the movie from its library when Amazon’s license expires, did you really buy it? (x)

Just because your favorite singer is dead doesn’t mean you can’t see them ‘live’ (NPR). Pepper’s Ghost.

Viola the Bird   (Google Arts..) and if you are not cooking up your creative side at their AI Test Kitchen you should be

UN AI advisory feedback RFC  ( 15 days left.

The Rough Years That Turned Gen Z Into America’s Most Disillusioned Voters (WSJ)

Concord Music Group, Inc. v. X Corp (court listener)

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