June 7, 2024 MDG

YouTube Copyright Transparency Report (youtube) paid out over $70 billion to creators, artists, and media companies in recent years, and it boasts over 100 million Premium and Music subscribers. Its Content ID system, which allows rightsholders to monetize user-generated content, has paid out over $9 billion in ad revenue

Adobe roofies all of their customers (youtube) After they went to the cloud I stopped using their products. -ed

How to Lead an Army of Digital Sleuths in the Age of AI (nyt) Eliot Higgins and his 28,000 forensic foot soldiers at Bellingcat have kept a miraculous nose for truth—and a sharp sense of its limits—in Gaza, Ukraine, and everywhere else atrocities hide online.

Apple to Debut Passwords App in Challenge to 1Password, LastPass  (bloomberg)  Apple Inc. will introduce a new homegrown app next week called Passwords, aiming to make it easier for customers to log in to websites and software, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Andrew Ng (Twitter) The effort to protect innovation and open source continues. I believe we’re all better off if anyone can carry out basic AI research and share their innovations. Right now, I’m deeply concerned about California’s proposed law SB-1047. It’s a long, complex bill with many parts that require safety assessments, shutdown capability for models, and so on.

FTC Opens Antitrust Probe of Microsoft AI Deal (WSJ) Commission has sent subpoenas to tech giant and startup, asking whether their partnership evaded required government review

Heymusic.ai – Coherence-Oriented Contrastive Learning of Musical Audio Representations

Secret hand gestures in paintings  (pdf) – hand signs in visual art may provide clues about the underlying iconographical symbols. This paper will examine the eventual hidden meanings behind a peculiar hand gesture that has been widely used by several painters

KLING – Chinese new DiT Video AI Generation model 【KLING】 Open access  Generate 120s Video with FPS30 1080P, Understand Physics Better, Model Complex Motion Accurately prompt: Traveling by train, viewing all sorts of landscapes through the window.

Marker: Converts PDFs to Markdown using deep learning, supports all languages.

Intro to LLM’s – Slides from talk by Andrej Karpathy 

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