June 10, 2024 MDG

Generative AI Video: Embracing Interoperability and Open-Source Tools (Clapper AI)

Clapper AI

Pointing out an important AI video opportunity: Open source script to screen AI video editor Clapper AI. This project and format is singular in the market. Studios, media companies, producers and talent all stand to benefit by supporting development while it is in the nascent stage.  

It would set a baseline standard thats interoperable and open. It sits atop existing workflows and pipelines  This is a framework that scales for everyone, if done correctly with the added benefit of avoiding costly strategic dependencies in a future timeline.

The ability to switch between different vendors and models seamlessly is a game-changer. This flexibility drives competition like Sora against Veo, StabilityAI against ElevenLabs, and Replicate against Fal.ai, allowing users to harness the best features from each. Unlike traditional open-source tools such as Blender and GIMP, which typically compete against a single commercial product, this tool’s interoperability is a significant competitive edge.

As the media industry is forced to reckon with generative AI multi-model tools, the importance of early stage strategic long term thinking is critical. Be smart, local integration of compute and training into natural production workflows, will fundamentally change how content is created and consumed.

For studios, an open-source script-to-screen AI video editor offers efficiencies + customization and strategic independence. Producers would benefit  interoperability + streamline workflows, allowing the focus to be on storytelling

The barrier removed for talent so they can  prototype their own narratives, better understand set and setting and scene context, dev new story telling skills and act as a catalyst for creative acceleration. Incremental not supplemental.

Interoperable standards can ensure compatibility between different tools and models, enabling seamless workflows and maximizing efficiency, as it should be. (mp3 and audio codecs anyone) It will also foster  innovation and adaptation, but perhaps more importantly avoiding dependencies on specific vendors allows for strategic flexibility. Consider this an open call to action for dev. 



Links:  – still in dev…

Code  https://github.com/jbilcke-hf/clapper
App   https://clapper.app




Ed note: We are a long, long, long, way from this replacing film making.  This is how we don’t leave that behind.  The list of AI generated multi-model media thats meaningful can be counted on zero fingers right now, be a part of that change.  Fin    

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