June 16, 2024 MDG

Mediaeater Digest Vol 30, No. 68

NYT workplace advice columnist brings it –  Goodbye Work Friends….”Still, in my heart of hearts, I always wanted to tell you to quit your job. Negotiate for the salary you deserve. Stand up for yourself. Challenge authority. Tell your rude co-worker to shut up. Report your boss to everyone and anyone who will listen. Consult a lawyer. Did I mention quit your job?” …..

When To Write a Simulator “Any problem involving probabilities over time should humble you. Walk away and quietly go write a simulation.”  (sage advice -ed)  

SecondPage – Google Searches without media conglomerates  (tool) this extension blocks most of the top 1000 English sites from appearing in google search. 

Privacy and harm has long been an area of inquiry for me, last week was a bit of a mind blower. Apple put in place secure scaffolding around AI. and understanding (cliaming) your real-time context window with privacy forward AI utility.  

OPSEC win for us all.  Expect many news cycles of Apple needing to put in a back door.  They won’t and never should. Encryption matters and privacy is a fundamental human right. 

Amazon-Powered AI Cameras Used to Detect Emotions of Unwitting UK Train Passengers This falls under the worst possible application of ML.  You do not get to guess (infer intent) what is in people minds and make that actionable!  Full stop.  When did the concept of observation implies supervision and therefore control get lost on society.  We really are getting the governance we deserve. 

While Apple reshaped and recontexualized AI for the marketplace by providing utility around personal privacy,  NSA + OPEN AI have decided the exact opposite optics are needed

Treat your data accordingly and expect information governance, negating which data will-and-won’t, be trained and how your data will and will not be used.  

After Luma dropped their video offering, the Sora halo holding less power,  everyone else is a in constant battle to try and make celloid sense out of latent space.  Here is google paper on Generating audio for video. Every day the range of and tools change and improve. 

Apple / Huggingface repo –  mobile-appropriate vision transformer, CLIP, and image segmentation models 

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