June 19, 2024 MDG

This Weeks Model

Audioseal (meta) Cutting-edge audio manipulation toolkit.
Florence (msft) Microsoft’s advanced conversational AI.
Open-Sora v1.2 (github) Community-driven open-source AI framework.
Video to sound effects (elevenlabs) AI-driven tool for converting video to audio effects.
Generating audio for video  (googledeepmind) DeepMind’s AI for creating audio content for videos.
Introducing Gen-3 Alpha (runway) Runway’s latest AI model for creative generation.
Veo: Our most capable generative video model  (aitestkitchen)  Generating videos.
JACSO (meta) Meta’s smart solution for audio-visual synchronization.


I have this image framed 6×6 massive – orange 60s lucite frame with brown marble border – took off the walls of 51 W 52nd street (CBS/Blackrock) during a refresh.  Still have it and its meaning continues to grow.


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