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Sunday Jan 1 2023 is Public Domain Day.  Works from 1927 fall into public domain.   Metropolis,  The Unknown (Chaney), The Jazz Singer.

Awful AI is a curated list to track current scary usages of AI

Tim Cook and Japanese PM Kishida Discussed User Privacy and Digital ‘My Number’ IDs.
Top million most popular websites published by Google Cached Chrome Top Million Websites

Long reads

Why Would AI “Aim” To Defeat Humanity?
​​The Alt-Right Manipulated My Comic. Then A.I. Claimed It
Canary tokens  


Some crypto Transaction Details are jaw dropping.
This view of hacker news 
PEN testing will be in the news soon thanks to FlipperZero the zero is for zero-day 🙂
GPT takes the bar exam and passes in Evidence and Torts  A good thread on Stable Diffusion’s progress this last year.

2022 was the year of the prompt for me.  I have moved to terminal as my main interface or with parity with web view and prompts and changing them together has become my main way to retrieve information. 

@JudyWoodruff⁩ ends her time at the ⁦@NewsHour⁩ anchor – thank you.

A return to value

The internet has gone through several stages of development, each marked by significant events and challenges.

Web 1.0, the publishing era, was characterized by utility and storefronts. However, this era was also marked by the dot com crash at the turn of the century, which led to a period of economic turmoil.

Web 2.0, the social web, saw the rise of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. This period was marked by the proliferation of bots and the weaponization of ad tech, leading to the spread of misinformation and the manipulation of public opinion.

Web 3, the unstable crypto web, saw the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) FTX, and other failures. This period was characterized by a lack of true utility and convenience, as well as the erosion of privacy.

Web 3.0, the generated web, is focused on AI-powered features and applications. However, the use of AI raises concerns about data privacy and the potential for biased or unfair decision-making.

As society becomes increasingly aware of the harms caused by each technology era, we should re-consider the risks and societal and environmental impact of each phase. This includes evaluating the safety, privacy, and utility of future technologies and considering the potential harms and their impact on society and individual privacy.

More importantly it is understanding what the true values are in the context of the harms, to carefully consider the potential consequences of new technologies and ensure that they are developed and used responsibly in order to promote the well-being of individuals and society as a whole.


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“Elon Musk, interviewed by Sarah Lacy, “A Fireside Chat with Elon Musk,” Santa Monica, CA, July 12, 2012,

Not only was the car uninsured, but Peter Thiel was not wearing a seat belt. “It was a miracle neither of us were hurt,” says Thiel.

See Dowd, “Peter Thiel, Trump’s Tech Pal, Explains Himself.”

Excerpt From : The Alignment Problem – Brian Christian

Artists + AI

Cindy Sherman training an AI and using it to generate work.

Comments from peers in both approval and speaking

about experimenting themselves.

Frames of Reference….(recursive)

I know its candy– these exchanges…are some-thing.
A response after it banged out an outline for me. (below)
The last part about understanding thoughts over time
(a frame of reference) is so on scene. This picture was also
generated from text.