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Authoritative 150 page report by Tech Inquiry on government purchasing of Amazon/Google/Microsoft cloud services with a focus on military, intelligence and law enforcement contracts

Banned in the USA: The Growing Movement to Censor Books in Schools

Breaking the Fourth Wall: The Business of Media Subculture

Spreading The Big Lie: How Social Media Sites Have Amplified False Claims of U.S. Election Fraud

The tyranny of the supertweeter – Twitter shows us a skewed version of the world, but it’s not necessarily because of the algorithm.

Pentagon opens sweeping review of clandestine psychological operations

Proposed Free Expression Statement for MIT

Customs officials have copied Americans’ phone data at massive scale Contacts, call logs, messages and photos from up to 10,000 travelers’ phones are saved to a government database every year

OpenAI has learned to play Minecraft after watching some 70,000 hours of video showing people playing the game on YouTube

Privacy + Security Releated

“The more the data banks record about each one of us, the less we exist,” Marshall McLuhan

FCC Does The Bare Minimum: Asks Wireless Carriers To Be Honest About Location Data So basically the FCC is asking an industry with a history of lying about this stuff to be transparent about what they’re collecting and selling, and if they’re very clearly breaking fairly flimsy agency rules,

The FTC May (Finally) Protect Americans From Data Brokers   The agency’s lawsuit against Kochava should squash the industry’s core defense—and help keep sensitive info off the open market.

Ukrainian hackers created fake profiles of attractive women to trick Russian soldiers into sharing their location, report says. Days later, the base was blown up. The FTC May (Finally) Protect Americans From Data Brokers   The agency’s lawsuit against Kochava should squash the industry’s core defense—and help keep sensitive info off the open market.  (Synthetic human honeypots sirens call to soldiers wrecking OPSEC -ED)

Art works

Kimiyo Mishima 三島 喜美代  (Japanese, b. 1932)

Comic Book 19-S2, 2019 
Ceramic 7 9/10 × 7 1/10 × 4 7/10 in
Unique work


Shot on legacy media, glitch + distortion now, the best kind of poor image. All very special moments in time. Dates and specifics needed, I fill them in where I can  All works shot, recorded and (c)markghuneim MMXXII.  In no particular order.  Presented as downloads to help them live on elsewhere.  On ongoing projected updated regularly.


01 Iggy Pop – Dog Food [Live NYC]
02 Star Sailor- Good_Souls  (2 clips)   [First NYC show]
03 Elvis Costello – Watching The Detectives [TBD]
04 Shavo (SOAD) spinning in my office  [550 Mad NYC]
05 Bjork Unravel RCMH [2001 after 911. She came with a full orchestra, I cry every time I view this]
06 Kid Koala DJ NYC  [2001/2002?]
07 Tokyo Japan fish market auction 2001  [The old market before it moved]
08 Radiohead MSG   [2001 set of shows “for a great life”]
09 The Strokes – Coachella [2002 daytime Coachella set]
10 White Stripes – NYC [Union Square outdoors 2002 pop up show]
11 The Gang of Four [To Hell With Poverty live NYC 2005]
12 Glen from Toad the Wet Sprocket [TV taping NYC]
13 Helpless – Neil Young Michael Stipe [NYC turn of the century]
14 Janes Addiction – Jane Says  [NYC Hammerstein Ballroom 200?]
15 Interpol, Bowery Ballroom; (Stella) (Sleep tonight) (NYC)  [2003 NYC]
16 Spiritualized  I II III  [NYC RCHM? 2002]
17 Chemical Brothers – [1] [2] Sunshine Underground [NYC 2002 Hammerstein]










Weekend reading

Weekend reading…

How can we develop transformative tools for thought? [pdf]
What are new ways memory systems can be applied, beyond the simple,
declarative knowledge of past systems?

This from 2009 on moving at accelerated paces, Nests under my
‘there are no rules’ mantra:  There’s no speed limit (2009)

Why workers just won’t stop quitting (BBC)

On The Futility of Offering Advice 

NYT Magazine Welcome to the era of the audio meme, how TikTok enables it

Willie Nelson’s Long Encore – “Nelson has been opening his concerts with “Whiskey River.”
No one is certain when he started; – Nelson has sung it at the start of something like 6,500 shows.

FT Weekend on How legal weed is changing New York City’s vibe (and smell)

Architecture of authority – here we have something presented as charging stations
that collect mac ids and prevents the homeless from laying down  NYC Parks

The week in links

In no particular order – links from this week

The [Peak] Attention Economy

Optimizely’s Founder Wants to Augment Your Memories

Can Anyone Moderate Podcasts? Apple, Spotify, and the impossible problem of moderating shows

A New Company Pursues Total Recall—Starting With Zoom

Jack/JAY-Z/ @S_C_  are giving 500 BTC to a new endowment named ₿trust to fund 

Thread- Corey Doctorow on Adam Curtis  

NYT looks at The Surprising Ascent of KAWS

Emerging Patchwork or Laboratories of Democracy? Privacy Legislation in Virginia and Other States (Future of Privacy)

New York City’s Surveillance Battle Offers National Lessons

A lack of police transparency highlights how citizens need to remain vigilant to take back control over their privacy.

In the absence of federal privacy legislation, U.S. states are weighing in. In Virginia, the “Consumer Data Protection Act” (“CDPA”) (HB 2307 / SB…

Algorithms by Jeff Erickson  1st edition, June 2019  

There are 124 people in front of you Only one visitor is allowed in the exclusive website

Lack of competition in ad tech affecting publishers, advertisers and consumers

Arkadia Zoom Forever zooming visual

People-Shaped White Rocks

Self-Organising Textures

Silicon Valley’s Safe Space

Understanding the Capabilities, Limitations, and Societal Impact of Large Language Models

Selected Works of David Carr : 15 memorable articles, columns and video clips from Mr. Carr, a prolific media columnist for The New York Times, including his last piece that was published the day before he died.

Inside the Making of Facebook’s Supreme Court

The company has created a board that can overrule even Mark Zuckerberg. Soon, it will decide whether to allow Trump back on Facebook.



This weeks links

Cryptomedia, NFTs, and the Next Internet
Related: Niftygateway, MakersPlace

The new reading stack

Same Energy

Google has a VPN service

Spy museum in NYC auctioning off their cold war KGB relics 

FieldKit is Open Environmental Sensing for Everyone

Explainable AI – What Is It And Why Do We Need It?

Agora, the technology provider behind hit audio app Clubhouse, says it does not store user data (trust them on this)

Musicians sing the blues as Covid and Brexit devastate sector

How the United States Lost to Hackers
(ed note excellent example of -imperfect becomes the feature – with glitch art above the fold)
(ed note 2- I warned congress about national infrastructure threats in the late 90s’s its in
congressional record.  Instead the took the dollars to persecute kids vs enemy nation states)

Tom Petty’s It took a long time to get back here   ;  Bruce Springsteen’s  The Middle